A Mobile Check-In

I’ve been super busy! Since launching, we’ve gotten orders for three rings – two in a set (the ones pictured to the right and middle above) and another that I’ve not gotten a picture of just yet.

Mostly, I’ve been inundated with orders for my hand poured soy candles. Just over the last few days, I’ve sold eight candles to folks that are just… over the moon about them. We’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews on both Facebook and Etsy and it’s just the most satisfying thing. Seeing people use and find comfort in the things that you stay up all night hoping that they’ll love – that’s my new definition of success.

We’ve also shipped candles as far south as Texas and all the way to New York, NY.

By this time, sales have worked us out of debt (by a whopping $27!), and more people are approaching me daily about how they need to check out my candles.

My original intention was to be a ring maker who sold candles. Now, apparently I’m a chandler who makes rings. It is important to be flexible.

One of my favorite reviews came from a set of customers who requested a leather scented candle. Pretty nontraditional as far as candles go, but their review said I knocked it out of the park.

“Though cheap and smelly typically have a negative connotation, both are assets where candles are concerned. The candle I received has a scent that’s the perfect complement to any room, without being overbearing. As an added bonus, the candle’s burn rate leads me to believe that our home will smell of leatherbound tomes for many hours to come. I’m looking forward to trying out other scents in the future, and the reasonable price will allow me to do just that.” 

When you put yourself out there… when you get out there and have to convince people that what it is that you’ve got is worth their hard earned money – and that it’s going to leave them with no regrets…

Things like that review make you realize that you’re headed in the right direction.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you take a step in the right direction – me thinks that there’s no need to stop.