I’m an artist and second generation craftsman (my parents were both glassworkers) who loves the versatility of the wood medium. I’ve made this blog to document starting a business and how it affects my family.

My wife, Tara, is the eighth grade English teacher we all wish we’d had and is absolutely the reason I get to try to make a name for myself. She’s my support AND my photographer (unless the picture is bad or a progress picture… I probably did those). We’re expecting a new son at the end of May!

My kids Liam and Phoebe are a never ending source of drive to stay busy and of encouragement. Anything I’m making, they want one, too. It tells me when I’m making something that’s actually interesting, or just interesting to me. Phoebe is in middle school (with her mom, Ha!) and Liam is still working his way through the dredges of elementary school.