Sometimes, when you get back on the bike – you’re better at it.

Ahoy! Checking in periodically to document progress towards learning how to do everything it is that I want to do in life… which seems a very large task to do on a “free” blog.

Eso si que es.

Anyway! It’s been busy! I’ve been busy? I did not take the weekend off as I normally do. I kind of refuse to do my payroll gig on the weekends because that’s time I devote to spending with my son who I get on the weekends. No can do on the weekend off, though. I justified it because I was at home (how rad is that? I can work AND hang out with the family).

On Saturday, I really started this online presence thing. Made my first post here. Tied some things together. Informed my family that I was back on Facebook (ughhhhh… I am not the social-est of butterflies), and buttoned things up until the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday, I ran to Walmart (…it’s really the only choice around here for things, and that’s awful) and bought a few things.

  • A filing thinger – which I’m going to use to track my transactions month to month. Profits… losses. That sort of thing. It’s kind of like a trapper keeper, without the zipper and a lack of 90’s finesse. And it’s just full of dividers and receipts. Growing up is the worst.
  • A little red notebook to keep with me all of the time to jot down ideas and things that I have so that I can always keep my info on anything that I’m working on with me… which, naturally, I’d forgotten when I left to do my day job today.

I made an attempt to get back into ring making on Sunday – but I was so “on-edge” from all of the business focus and whatnot that I was doing that I screwed up everything I’d touched. But I did get to leave a handful of very, very old rings that I’d found from when I first started making rings with the hopes that Tara (my wife – ze love of my life… seriously. Story for another time) would take pictures of them (she’s a hobbyist photographer – but does weddings and things, too).

Couldn’t make rings, but Tara could take some photos! When I first got into making rings, the cheapest start up that I could find was some sort of Variety Pack on Amazon of different wood types which, naturally, came unlabeled. I was able to identify some of the wood that I used, but it was largely trial and error as far as hardness and things went. I say this to preface my inability to, with 100% confidence, tell you what some of these rings are made out of.


I’m not sure what this wood is – it’s shiny and red… which means, naturally, I’m attracted to it as red is my favorite color. This ring turned out pretty well, and I’ll likely be able to try to sell it to someone.


Really not sure what this one was. Maybe a maple of some sort. The grain feels maple-y.


This one was fun! Ebony with a malachite inlay… it was the first attempt I did at putting in an inlay. I later went on to put an inlay in my first wooden wedding band – jasper. I really liked how it turned out, but ultimately (like an idiot) chipped the inlay while on a business trip to Tulsa (OK) last year. Was lame – I really enjoy the fine stone inlay work.


This one was a more feminine one that I’d made, modeled after something I thought my wife would like. She wears a ring I made her from time to time – which is pretty rad. She hates jewelry (and shoes… but that’s another story for another time). This, I’m pretty sure, is some red oak.


Not super sure, but it might be poplar. In most light, it comes off as slightly greenish. I thought a greenish tree-meat bit would be pretty neat to juxtapose against some leaves. Slightly off-putting!


I had a blast figuring out how to make this one. The inner ring is a hardwood. Not sure what – maybe a maple. Just kind of used whatever I had that would stay solid for me so that I could wrap a burl around it.

Burls are really tough to work with and want to crumble on you if you put any strain or movement through them at all.

So – tonight… nearly six months since my last attempt at a ring (I had to replace my ring that I busted on business), I gave it a go. Twice.

I’d prepared two different kinds of wood – what looked to me like “Orientalwood” which I found identified on formwood, and some FOR SURE bird’s eye maple. I knocked out two rings and I’m just so pleased with how they’ve turned out so far. They’re going through poly finishing right now, but here are a couple of shots that I’d grabbed:


This ring’ll be used for my personal replacement for my recently cracked wedding band. So excited for the sturdiness and thickness of the ring. When I made it, it was the best band I’d ever made.


It was eventually passed up by my next ring, which I also made tonight. This bird’s eye maple ring is easily my favorite ring I’ve crafted. I’m really looking forward to being able to get it to someone who can appreciate it.

I also bought some business cards and a special surprise to treat myself for how seemingly badass I’ve become at crafting wooden rings although I wasn’t actively making rings for some time. I’ll upload a photo of that and the logo as soon as I get the items!

I’ll upload finished pictures of my newest rings after I finish final polishing. Until then, be well!


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