I should sell what I’m making…

It was difficult to come back to social media, but this week I took a massive step towards doing what I’ve meant to do for around a year now.

Honestwood Handcrafts officially opened for business because I was tired of making excuses. I’m positive that the largest reason that kept me from starting my own business was the fear of failure, but a well-timed fortune cookie told me basically that if I never tried because I was afraid of failing, that I was already failing.

I’ve never felt as accomplished as when I make rings for folks and they slide them on and are just… over the moon. The first wooden ring I made went to a friend a year ago, and early this month I saw him still wearing it. Pretty satisfactory, I think.

Buuut, going into 2017, I decided that I wanted to swear off the negativity that was always popping up on social media feeds and whatnot. Everyone hops to the internet to spout off their opinions which are unfortunately way too often not fully developed intellectually and just… serve to strike at nearly half of their audience. I deleted my Facebook and never looked back.

Until today.

Tuesday, when I decided that it was time to start up Honestwood Handcrafts, I thought to myself, “…well, now what? I don’t know how any of this works.” That night, I came home and cracked open my Small Business Financial Management for Dummies book. I swear it exists on my shelf in my workshop – but it’s nearly unreadable with its fast pace and incessant use of jargon out of the gate. By Wednesday, in the office (payroll manager by day, maker of stuffs by night), I knew that I needed to figure out how I was going to get started.

I don’t like to start a thing unless I know how the thing is going to turn out… and since I have zero experience when it comes to launching businesses where I have to decide how much the things I’m producing are going to be worth, I knew I need a resource.

Enter Handmade Marketplace.

Handmade Marketplace

So! Because I’ve decided that the best model I can make based on my location (I live in central West Virginia – the population isn’t massive enough to be able to live off of the demand of local sales) is to create an online presence where I can work to find my niche. I’ve got to just keep at it – which means… yep, you’ve guessed it.

Back came Facebook. I picked up a Twitter. I’ve got to learn how Instagram works. All of the social media apps have been added… now I need to figure out how I’m going to remember to use them.

It’s been about six months since I made a ring (I had damaged my wooden wedding band and needed to replace it) – I just hadn’t gotten the space I needed put together since we bought this house in October. I’m pretty excited to get back into it, figure things out, and sell some of the rings that I’ve got. I’ve probably got a dozen or more down there that I need to get photos of (thanks to my wife – SHE’S the photographer) and get added to Etsy to see how that’s going to work.

I’ll be updating this blog to document hurdles, ideas, and milestones – and I hope that it becomes something that I can use to connect with others.

It’s a work in progress… but now I’m not afraid to fail.


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  1. Tara Wine-Queen April 23, 2017 / 11:57 am



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